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GO 15™

GO 15™ with its Metal Lubricity Technology® utilizes engine oil to deliver the product to high friction metal surfaces, inside the engine. GO 15 is a metal conditioner that uses heat and friction to produce a thermal reaction with the metal surface being treated. This phenomenon results in a change in the chemical composition of the metals surface creating a new metallic compound that re-surfaces or re-plates the old surface, reducing surface tension.

This new metal boundary surface is now free from most microscopic depressions, irregularities and friction points. The reduction of the metal-metal friction results in an improvement in all of the fundamental operating efficiencies. The advantages of GO 15™ technology are beneficial for consumer automotive and fleet truck use and include:

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NormNet™, is a telematic diagnostic tool for the trucking industry which predicts future failures in equipment. Early detection and diagnosis of engine trouble will reduce costs associated with down-time, late delivery or loss of perishable cargo and similar costs. NormNet™ technology has been successfully tested using data from a variety of sources including Pratt & Whitney/USAF; Rolls Royce/Royal Air Force; Allison/Plains Exploration and Production Company.

Now it has been adapted for use in the trucking industry. In every test, NormNet™ has demonstrated its ability to identify failures with sufficient warning that corrective action can take place before a catastrophic failure. The advantages of NormNet™ technology are, increased equipment availability:

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