About Engineous USA Inc. - What Makes us Engineous

About the Company

Engineous USA, Inc.™ is a Company that develops economic and environmentally conscious products for the automotive after-market. The Company's marketing plans are to target the transportation sector and related retail automotive accessory and performance markets. Engineous USA, Inc. products range from petro-chemicals to fleet management software.

Company Mission

The Company's mission is to lead the industry in the development and marketing of products that improve overall engine performance and reliability. Customers will include both industrial and retail accounts. The Company's initial two products are an environmentally conscious product known as GO 15™ with its proprietary Metal Lubricity Technology® and NormNet, a telematics computer telecommunications system.

Who We Are

Engineous is operated by long term automotive industry people, race cars drivers, shop and car builders, investment managers, and savings fanatics! We built Engineous on the premise of getting more for your dollar for the long term, helping the botton line with predictive failure notification technologies, and products that restore your vital car systems to optimum operating capacity.

Bottom line is this - we all use a lot of very hard earned dollars to drive, deliver goods, and keep our families and workers productive. Downtime, lessened vehicle efficiency, and high costs of fuel have driven us to make a difference...and we are!

Become Engineous - use our products and spread the difference we can all make!


Do you want to become part of the Engineous family? For investment info, please call us at 1-877-728-3383